His Five Years of Life, Filled with Nonstop Bitterness…Murdered by His Stepfather’s Abuse

This child had only been “around” five years, and yet, look how much pain and sufferings he’d had to endure, from the Front Page sections, translated…

A man, Lin, had abused his stepson long-term, made him starve, and stand out in the icy cold weather with little clothes on, used a BB gun to shoot at his genital region; and he thought that the child was being too loud that it woke his newborn younger brother, the man punished him to strip bare naked and exercised outdoors; he had chained the child up, to force him take in the air conditioning in the cold weather, causing the little boy to die of hypothermia, then, he’d dumped the child’s body underneath a tree away from the city; the highest court had sentenced Lin an eighteen year prison term for death by abuse.

The child’s mother, Chen, was sentenced to two years in prison for abandonment in her first trial, she did not go for an appeal, and is now, serving time.

Chen, back in 2002, took the young boy to cohabit with Lin, and because the boy wasn’t his child, Lin would often abuse him.

Other than using his bare hands or the broom to hit the child on his palms and buttock, Lin had ordered the child to strip butt naked, then he’d hang the child on the pole of their bathroom, starved the boy, and made him stand out in the cold weather with little to no clothes on; he had even used a BB gun to shoot at the child’s thighs and genitals as well.

On the night of July 22, 2004, Lin thought that the boy was making too much noises that it woke up his ten-day old younger brother, wanting the boy who’s already been beaten with a broken wrist to strip then to jump for punishment, and he had kicked the child, and the child’s head HIT the ground; then, Lin had chained the boy up, and turn on the air conditioning all night long.

The next afternoon, Lin and the boy’s mother found the child to not be breathing, they worried that if they’d taken him to the hospitals, the staff might discover his body is covered with bruises, they only soaked him in hot water, and fed him a medication that’s supposed to save his life that was manufactured in China, the child died that night.

Later, the mother was gnawed by her guilt conscience too much, in April of 2009, she disclosed what happened to a friend, wanting to give her son a proper burial, the police used the tips given by the mother and found the boy’s remains.

When the D.A. prosecuted Lin, they asked for a twenty year sentence, in the first trial, the judge thought that Lin was affected by drug use, that he wasn’t thinking clearly, knowing that the child wasn’t feeling well and didn’t administer medication, causing him to die, gave him fifteen years.  But during the second trial, that judge thought that Lin had been abusive toward the child long-term, and that the child had gone through enormous suffering, the judge gave him a heavier sentence of eighteen years; and the highest court maintained the ruling from the second trial.

And because this child was NOT yours, he was from your wife’s first marriage, so that gives you the RIGHT to kill him?  And, the mother?  Where the FUCK (my bad!!!) was she when her SON was getting abused by her NEW husband?  Was she so busy trying to keep HIM happy that she’d forgotten about her PREVIOUS child?  And so, the punishment still doesn’t fit the CRIMES, especially that this young child had gone through HIS agonizing death…


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