A Tae Kwon Do Instructor Sexually Molested Her Male Students

Another case had happened, and, could it have been prevented, hell yeah, so, why did this happen still, I mean, this is still NOT the first, NOR the last of its “kind”, from the newspapers, translated…

A Physical education instructor who also coaches Tae Kwon Do started an affair with a third year male student, they started having sex on campus, they’d even touched one another in the backseat of the student’s father’s car too; later, the female instructor wanted to break up, causing the student to almost commit suicide, and the student told his counselor that he’d fallen for someone he shouldn’t have, that, was how the whole thing blew out.

The female instructor (31 years old) paid a huge price for this, she was fired from the school, and the highest court had stopped her appeals yesterday too, and she is looking at two years of prison time, which she is to serve, in its entirety in jail.  The parents also sued the schools for three million dollars, and, during the first trial, the judge mandated the school pay $320,000N.T.

The female coach, along with her Tae Kwon Do coach ex husband had two children, and, two years ago, because they couldn’t get along, they divorced.  The fifteen year old boy went to talk to her about something, and she’d disclosed about how unhappy she was married, and, they fell into a deep state of infatuation.

Two years ago on March 25, the coach, after taking the students on a competition, took the male student’s father’s car home, in the backseat, she started touching the student inappropriately, and the parents who were seated up front had no clue.

Later, because the female instructor thought that they are too far apart in age, and are student and teacher, she distanced herself from him; the boy on his blogs, wrote: “Can age and status actually break apart two lovers?”, he wanted to commit suicide by swallowing pills, he sought out help from his counselor, and this incestuous relationship blew out in the open.

During the first trial, the instructor claimed that she was the one raped by him.  But, because she had once texted the parents for a meeting, and wanted another instructor to accompany her to apologize to the student’s parents for her misbehaviors, the judge didn’t believe her statements, sentenced her to two years in prison, and the second and third
appeal didn’t work in her favor, the sentence stands.

This, is why you should NEVER talk about your own marital, relationship issues with a member of the opposite sex, especially when he’s your student.  Hello, hello, hello???  Where IS the ethics?  And, the instructor KNEW what she was doing, and, when she finally pulled out, the boy was already damaged, and, NO amount of money can give this male student BACK his innocence, simply because he’d developed a CRUSH on his instructor.

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