Helping a Stranger Elderly Woman, Rebuilding her Home

From the newspapers online, translated…

As a final graduation project, a student from the architecture major did NOT turn in a well-built model on the papers, nor did he submit millions of pages’ worth of written report, but instead, he’d helped an elderly woman who lived alone, fix up her broken roof, remodeled her old place, to make it brand new, so she could live in it with ease. 

To get this house rebuilt, the student would NOT only need the professional knowledge of architecture, he must have a certain degree of understanding of the sufferings of the people too, to show sympathy and empathy, so the elderly woman would be willing to entrust her place of residence to the hands of a stranger.

The student, Lee, took a total of six month, and he finally convinced the elderly woman who lived in Sanchih alone, to “hand over” her place for him to remodel again.  The elderly woman was hung up on getting her property fix and remodeled because she’s already ninety years old, and that it cost a TON of money.  But Lee was eventually able to convince her to make it over for her.  It took over $200,000N.T. to get the work done, and, the money was raised by Lee, with donations from all he knew, friends, family, and college instructors too.  As for the design of the house, along with the constructions, Lee and his fellow architecture classmates, along with individuals from online took care of. 

After working hard on it all, the house finally had a makeover, it was filled with this “scent” of aged beauty, as for the elderly woman, she had gotten a safer place that better fitted her living needs.  Seeing how her old place looked brand new, she started to cry, but they were tears of joy.  Even though her children had distanced themselves from her, at her old age, there are still people who showed their cares and concerns for her, she felt so warm.  And all the bitterness she’d endured tasted sweet, with the care and concerns of these younger children.  The elderly woman had a better place to live in, and what’s more, she’d gotten a taste of how the world cared about her, through the help of these young men and women.

We do NOT know what grade the student had received, but we can be sure of one thing: that the meaning of this project had surpassed the nitty-gritty’s of the architecture major; hope that other students will do what this young man did, go OUT into the world, and make use of what they learned in school, to touch people’s lives.

A good way to leave that final mark, before you enter into the world, you had the chance of making ONE last difference as a student, and so, you took advantage of the opportunity, helped an old woman, better her living conditions, with NO cost to her, and that allowed her to feel the warmth from the outside world, which she thought (probably!!!) had forgotten about her…


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