Addiction to Cell Phone Usage

Because cell phones had become completely IRREPLACEABLE in our lives, story from the N-E-W-S, translated…

The Child Social Services Organization had found that nearly 40 percent children show signs of “cell phone usage addiction”, including when waking up, on the way to classes, and after eleven o’clock at night, they’re all “playing with” their cell phones.  The experts pointed out, that the parents should NOT “expose” the children to cell phone at an early age, and they also need to set up guidelines for their cell phone usage.

The Child Services Surveys found that more than half of 5th to 6th graders have cell phones, and 70 percent of middle school students own and used cell phone, and this rate is higher compared to the ratios of children using cell phones in China, Japan, and the U.S., and the rate had increased by more than twenty percent compared to six years ago.

What do students use their cell phones most for?  The studies showed that 70% of children often used their cell phones for music, taking pictures, and over sixty percent used cell phones to play video games, to text message, like on busses, you’d see young children using cell phones to play games, and, the real purpose of cell phone, for communication, this is less than five minutes a day.

The C.E.O. of the Child Social Services Organization pointed out, that from the studies, there are three “mores” of cell phone usage for children in Taiwan: more cell phones, more functions, and more times wasted, with the onset of intelligent phones, with web capacities, the children might “accidentally” click onto “pay” or “sex” websites by “accident”.

The C.E.O. specified, that more than forty percent of children show an addiction to cell phone usage, and that the parents AND the government should pay close attention to this problem.  She stressed that the parents should N-O-T spend a lot of money to buy “intelligent cell phones” for children, and that if the kid requires a cell, then, the parents must specify the usage rules, and to monitor their usage activities.

Cell phone had become a necessity to the population of the world, and, with these advances in technologies, the cell phone is now, a machine for the purpose of NOT just communications, BUT also entertainment, and, this is just like playing video games, equally addictive, and, once you’re H-I-G-H on something, it’s hard for you to get back down, because you will have to go through the healing process, the denial of having a problem, to finally accept that you DO have a problem, the 12-Step Program for ALCOHOLI CS, remember?


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