A Swim Coach Put Up Cameras in the Showers, Claiming to Be Doing Some “Research”

Yeah right, you MOTHER-F***ING peeping T-O-M, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An elementary school swim coach used the excuse of doing a study on sanitations in the swimming pools, climbed up to the ceilings of the shower room, and put eight small cameras in place, a plumber who was there to change the water pumps found it, the students were too frightened to go to swimming lessons, the school’s gender equality investigations group suggested that they FIRE the swim coach immediately.

“Could their nude photos be taken already?”, the parents, after they’d learned about this, brought up the inquiries, the police examined the cameras, and assured them that no videos or photographs had been taken by the cameras yet; and now, everybody who comes in and out of the pool areas must sign their names, and the school had put in an anti-surveillance system, along with infrared light detector, so that whenever someone climbs UP to the level of the ceilings, the alarms would sound off.  And the police booked Lin based off of invasion of privacy, theft of electricity, vandalism, etc., etc., etc. charges to prosecute Lin.
Based off of understanding, the swimming coach, Lin, had been subbing for the school for three years already, regularly, other than giving swim lessons, he is also the computer teacher, and in his spare time, he’d give private swim lessons too, and the way he did things was talked about a lot by the other staffs at the school too.  Lin was on a leave of absence right now, when the police took him in for questioning, he stated how sorry he was, to have done such deeds.

The school stated, that because Lin part-timed at the swim coach, he used the name to doing research, and could stay all day long by the poolside, without anybody getting suspicious of him, not knowing that he had set up hidden cameras.

The school, awhile ago, in order to add another water pump, and change the pipes of the pools had a plumber come by, as the plumber climbed up to the girl’s shower, he’d found that the ceiling was HOT-WIRED with hidden camera wires, after the school was notified, the officials learned about this.

The police used the statements of the plumber, opened up the ceilings, found a digital recorder, discs, along with a wireless server.  The patrol officers said, that the shower room ceiling was set up with thin plastic plates and light steel, and that if Lin had placed those cameras there, he would have to tip-toe on a ten centimeters wide light steel frame, if he wasn’t careful, he’d fell down.

Sounds to me, that police are questioning whether or NOT this swimming coach had indeed, set up the hidden cameras here, I mean, it IS too soon to tell, after all, there are still a TON of evidence to sort through here.  And that just shows you how close those PEDOPHILES are to your kids, and this time, it had happened, with a swim coach at an elementary school, but, he wasn’t able to “complete” his “work”, the cops already found him out!!!  So, the kids are SAFE, for this round, as for the next round?  Who knows, maybe they might NOT be as lucky as those kids here…

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