Turning Alcohol into an Excuse

Not a good “alibi”, if you ask me (who asked Y-O-U???).

Turning “alcohol” into an excuse, because I’d started drinking, and turned myself into this man that I don’t want to be, but, if it weren’t for you, biting me on the A-S-S, would I need to head to the tavern every night, just to avoid, coming home to you?  Of course N-O-T.

Turning alcohol into an excuse, this process is as complicated as turning grapes into wine, you have to leave it inside those buckets or whatever you call them, after you’d crushed the grapes, and the grapes have to be ripe enough, and, when the wine sat in the barrels for a certain amount of years, you’d have to test it, to see if it’s “matured enough”, and, this process takes a very long time, but, it takes me LESS than HALF that time, to fabricate a believable story for you to buy into.

Turning alcohol into an excuse?  Yeah, just blame your lack of judgments on the B-O-O-Z-E, but, you would be the ones to blame, because W-H-O was it that took up that glass, poured yourselves glasses after glasses?  It’d be Y-O-U, so, you CANNOT turn alcohol into a VALID excuse for anything, because you’re using IT to hide whatever it is that you’re trying to hide, how should I know here???


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Filed under Addiction, Dependency, Downward Spiral, Excuses, Substances Abuse

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