Suspected that Her Husband was Having an Affair, a Female Teacher Found an Affair Online

Call this the REVENGE of a W-O-M-A-N, if you want to, translated…

A female teacher, Chung, suspected that her husband was having an affair, she went online to pour her heart out, and, met an already married high school employee named Chou, they started seeing one another and had a physical affair, afterwards, Chou came clean to his wife about what he’d done, the wife got pissed and SUED Chung for hurting her family; the instructor’s husband, after his wife got sentenced and sent to jail for two months, SUED Chou for two million dollars in payment, the judge mandated that Chou had to pay the husband $300,000N.T.

The judge investigated and found that Chung, who worked in an elementary school, logged on to a social-networking website two years ago, to pour her heart out about how unhappy she was in her marriage, etc., etc., etc., and met the high school employee, Chou, who is two years younger than she, on an afternoon last February, after they’d gone to a hotel and had sex, they started chatting on MSN on how great it was and how they were both looking forward to the next time that they get together again.

Within a month, Chung told Chou that she had made up with her husband, but still wanted to see him too; Chou believed that Chung had used him as a tool for revenge, and felt bad about cheating on his wife, and so, he came clean about his affair to her.  Chou’s wife forgave him, but was insistent on SUING Chung for bringing damages to her family.

The judge found that on the day that they’d met up at the hotel, Chung had a free afternoon, and plus, Chou was able to give a precise description of the car that she drove and the place they’d gone to, and believed that the two individuals DID indeed, have an affair, and, the judge sentenced Chung to two months in jail, which can be replaced for paying a fine for it.

Chung’s husband also SUED Chou for damaging his family, causing him to be emotionally distressed, asked for $2 million for payment.  Chou stated, that in the process of the criminal trials, he had already apologized profusely to the husband of Chung, and that he only made $300,000 per year, that he couldn’t pay the $2 million; and said that the one with the most responsibilities was Chung, wanting the judge to reject the payment suits.

Wow, so, this is what you’ll end up paying, for getting caught cheating?  Hello, hello, hello, the husband was the one who made that very FIRST mistake, to make his wife believe that he was having an affair, if he was truthful to his wife, then, would she have needed to go “elsewhere” to pour her heart out?  I think N-O-T, and, the male that this teacher had an affair with told his wife out of guilt, and so, this, is still a HUGE C-I-R-C-U-S in the Family Courts here.


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