Saving the Children: Sweeping Across the Schools, to Catch the Second or Third Rate Drug Dealers


This, is what the government here is doing, and whether or NOT it is effective, only time can tell, translated…

The younger students are getting their hands on drugs, the director of the police, Lin, said, that the “Campus Sweep Program” focuses on preventing the drug dealers from heading into schools, to tempt the students to use and then, to deal; the cops not only need to catch those manufacturers of illegal substances, but also everybody else who are involved in this chain of command.

Lin stated, that the drug sweeps is similar to getting the gangs, the mobs out, it’s ALL a part of the action that the police department is taking, to make the environment safer.

Do you think it will work???  The Snake that’s coiled around the apple tree in the Garden of Eden tells us NO, after all, they ARE young AND impressionable, and, without their parents watching them 24/7, they’re bound to S-L-I-P.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Using Ketaminee?  The Representatives Urged the Second Degree Illegal Substances List

As the schools gets taken over by drugs, the assistant record keeper of the KMT, WU stated, that using ketaminee won’t leave a record criminally, and that this had caused it to become more prevalent across the school campuses, that the law makers should consider listing the drug as a second degree illegal substance; the D.A. was against this, stating that the users of ketaminee had been students, and, in order to avoid “labeling” them, the drugs shouldn’t be listed as illegal.

Deng stated, that after the justice department’s long-winded discussions, they’d believed that ketaminee has a low addictiveness, that most students use it in special occasions, that it doesn’t lead to any serious crimes.

Deng believed that if ketaminee is “bumped up” to a second degree drug, the users will get jailed, and this will mean that they’re “labeled” for life, the main issue here is to go after the providers of these drugs.

Wu said that he couldn’t agree with the statements of the justice department, that once students get addicted to ketaminee, then, they have the tendencies to “graduate” onto other more serious drugs; at the same time, the department of education should test students’ urine each semester, to single out those who are using, and are at high risks of using.

And that, would be how schools ARE turned into P-R-I-S-O-N-S!!!  The problems of drugs infiltrating onto high school campus is really getting bad, but, the officials are only looking at the CONSEQUENCES of this, and, without digging DEEPER into the causes, they will NEVER find an effective way to treat, or to even P-R-E-V-E-N-T this takeover, after all, PREVENTION is ALWAYS better than TREATMENT here!!!

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