Outlived Everybody

This, is what you’re destined to do, because of what you’d done to me, and, you had already MURDERED all of your children, and that, is not my problem.

You had outlived everybody, and you have a T-O-N of physical ailments yourselves, but, your pulse is still very strong, because your heart doesn’t give out yet. 
Outlived everybody, until there’s NO one left but you, and that, will be the WORST kind of lonely, not having anyone you cared about care for you.

Outlived everybody, this, will be what will happen, because I had outlived my own flesh-and-blood, as she had become this death inside my left fallopian tube since 2009, and, we’re currently “walking towards” 2012 here…

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Filed under Loneliness/Solitude, Writing

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