Holding Tight to Teddy, Waiting for Her Mommy, a Five-Year-Old Nearly Starved to Death

If you can’t raise them up right, if you can’t provide for them their daily necessities, then, why the FUCK (my B-A-D!!!) you havin’ them???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Lu, she didn’t have money to raise her five-year-old daughter, she’d abandoned her own child at their rental place, without electricity OR water supply, then, disappeared, the little girl would hold on to her Teddy, waiting by the door, for her mother to come home, she was kept alive by the kindness of the neighbors; the district court in Banciao changed Lu, the mother to a nine months prison term for abandonment of her own child.

Lu denied having abandoned her little girl, claimed that she’d run out of money, and was about to be in labor, and the little girl’s father, Lee said he would come home, that, was why she’d left her little girl to the boss of Lee to care for.  The judge believed that Lu’s claims where false because the investigators weren’t able to find the boss, the judge scolded the woman for causing the little girl emotional stress, and she’d had a bad attitude during the interrogations.

The verdict pointed out, that Lu and Lee started living together back in September, 2004, and had the little girl, the three of them originally lived in the Yingge area, two years ago, Lee had left the mother and the child to find work in Hualien, and, because Lu was having a hard time making ends meet, and she was also pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby, two years ago in June, she’d abandoned her daughter, to go to Taoyuan to live with a friend.

The little girl would hold tight to her Teddy Bear, sitting by the front door, stared into space in the rental place that’s without water OR electricity, and, she would wander the streets from time to time too; the neighbor, a woman, Tseng had found her and asked, “Where’s your mom?”, the child replied, “Mom’s ill, and she couldn’t take me with her.”, making Tseng’s heart wrench for the child.

Tseng would take care of the little girl, give her three meals a day, and in the evenings, she would take the child home and give her a bath, then, take her to her rental place to sleep.  But Tseng had three other grandchildren she needs to take care of, and, after a month, she couldn’t afford to look after the little girl anymore, so, she’d asked the man who’s in charge of her borough, Lin, to call up the biological father, but he didn’t want to return home to look after his own child.

And, because there are NO other options, Lin was forced to call up the social services, along with the cops, the child is now in foster care, and the police had processed the parents based off of charges of abandonment of their child; Lee, the man, was sentenced to eight months in prison this August for abandonment, although Lu claimed that she had gone back to check on her little girl, the judge still saw her action as abandonment.

Here, is yet, ANOTHER (and no, it still won’t BE the last of ITS “kind”!!!) example of LOUSY parents, I mean, if you couldn’t’ keep your offspring fed, clothed, sheltered (everything ON those first TWO levels of the Hierarchy of Need???), then, you got NO right to even BE having children, and yet, this woman got KNOCKED UP by her boyfriend again, which, was exactly WHY she had to “go away”, and, she didn’t even THOUGHT about taking HER little girl with her, are you kidding me?  What kind of a parent ARE you, you’d abandoned your kid in an empty house, without ANY food, what are you planning on doing?  Starving her to death?


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