His Girlfriend Sued Him for Domestic Violent, He’d Abducted Her Nine-Year-Old Son, Beats Him Up

Why can’t people just break up amicably, oh yeah, I forgot, it’s because “there’s NO ‘good’ in goodbye” isn’t it, from the Front Page sections, translated…

A man, Lin, was displeased at how his ex-girlfriend, Lee, sued him for domestic violence, was suspected of abducting her nine-year-old son, and beaten him up badly, and said that Lee should “be on your knees and come and beg for forgiveness”, as his way of getting back at her, and, he took control of the boy for a total of six hours, the district attorney’s office in Shihlin believed that he was evil, yesterday, the D.A. processed him based off of child abduction, damages and threats, and asked the judge to give him three years in prison.

The D.A. pointed out, that Lin had acted on the personal feelings he had had toward the child’s mother, and hurt the child, causing the boy to be damaged psychologically as well.  Lin showed absolutely NO sign of remorse, and that, was why the attorney asked the judge for such a harsh sentence.

The accusations pointed out that Lin (45 years of age) and Lee were a cohabiting couple, Lin had beaten Lee up long term, and threatened to kill her too, and so, Lee took out a restraining order, which Lin wasn’t too happy about.

In order to get back at Lee, Lin drove to an elementary school and picked up Lee’s son, and had the boy called his mother claiming, “I hurt my leg, I’ll walk home on my own.”  Lee heard her son’s voice and he sounded strange to her, she thought that something wasn’t right, but she just didn’t know what.

After Lin snatched the boy, while he was driving, he had hit the child on the head with a baseball bat, then, hit the boy’s face with his own fist, causing the child to have damages on his head and face too; later, Lee called Lin and asked if he’s seen her son, Lin falsely said that he could help her look, and, had called her back, falsely claiming, “I seem to have seen him close to the school”, “I think he’s somewhere near the entrance of the temple”.

At seven that night, Lin texted Lee, saying that he’s found her son.  Lee begged him to return her child, Lee threatened, “I have the child, you need to crawl on back to me”, “Don’t call the cops, or, you will never see your son again”; Lee worried that something might happened to her son, showed up to meet Lin, and called the cops when he wasn’t paying attention, and the cops were able to catch Lin at around eleven o’clock at night.

So, because your girlfriend had found someone new, because you would ABUSE her, so, you take it out on her son?  Wow, that’s really manly all right.  Because the woman couldn’t take the man’s abuse of her anymore, she’d called the domestic violence hotline, and, that pissed the man off, and, he took revenge on an innocent little boy, and, imagine what the little boy had gone through, and, it is still NOT the child’s fault either.


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