The Result of an Affair with a Married Woman

On the front page sections, translated…

A man named Hou is displeased that his married girlfriend, Peng wanted to break up, and so, he tried to extort her with their intimacy photos by mailing them to her colleagues and her husband; Peng was diagnosed with depression because of this, she ended up killing herself on the railroad tracks.  The Banciao district court found Hou guilty of having an affair, extortion, and sentenced him to two years in prison.

The D.A. started prosecuting Hou since last February, believing that he had used how women wanting their sex life to be private, to destroy her, the man was sentenced to five years in prison.  The D.A. believed this sentence to be way too light, and, will be deciding whether or NOT to appeal after they’d discussed and researched the results.

The verdict stated that Hou (age 40), back in 2009, had met Peng, who was a broker for properties, they had gone to hotels to carry out their affairs several times, and Hou had taken photos of the two of them being intimate together.

Two years ago, Peng wanted to break up, Hou started threatening her with the photographs, demanding a $50,000 and a $500,000 “breaking up fee”, he got turned down, and, he mailed the photos to Peng’s husband, along with nine other of her coworkers.  Facing her husband’s questions about her affair, Peng didn’t deny it, and so, the husband didn’t want to “wear the green hat”, he’d divorced her the very next day.

Peng could NO longer deal with the constant text messages from Hou, she’d called the cops, then, was diagnosed as clinically depressed.  Last year on January 23, Peng had mailed her last words to her nephew, wore a red shirt, as she crossed on to the railroad tracks with the train coming at her at full speed, on her last will, she stated “I’m so sorry for what I’d done to my family, I hope that Hou will get the harshest sentence.”

Based off of investigation, Hou claimed that the $550,000N.T. he’d asked her for was for the investment, NOT extortion, and pleaded guilty to ALL the other charges.  Hou still hadn’t gotten in touch with Peng’s family, Peng’s ex-husband, Lin, had already filed a civil and criminal claims against Hou for a total of one million dollars.

Whose fault was it?  The man’s, or the woman’s, or, are they BOTH to blame, after all, it still takes TWO to T-A-N-G-O.  The woman was dumb enough, thinking that she’d found TRUE love, when, it really wasn’t, because the man PROVED himself to be the DEVIL REINCARNATE!!!

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