“I Have a Secret to Share”, the Words of a Six-Year-Old, on When He Discovered His Three-Year-Old Sister Drowned, in the Fish Pond

Negligence, is what this is, translated, and, it’s BOUND to happen ALL over again too, believe it or don’t…

A three-year-old child, Ou, lived with his mother, his younger sister at a friend of the mother’s, yesterday the boy fell into a fish pond in the yard, the six-year-old son of the homeowner saw after school, told his father, Jiang, “I’ll tell you a secret, ‘little sister’ died!”, and that, was when ALL the adults realized that something had happened, but, when Ou was fished out, there was NO sign of life, after emergency resuscitation, his heart started once more, but, he’s still NOT out of danger yet.

The cops said, the Ou is a shy child, Wei Jiang and his cousins called him “younger sister” on a regular basis; the fish pond is located at the center of the residential front yard, about one meters wide and one meter deep, and is located within five meter from the front door.

Yesterday after Kindergarten, Jiang ran inside to his father in a panic, pulled on his shirt and said, “Sissy’s dead”, the father didn’t think much about it, then, discovered that the little boy wasn’t in the house, rushed to the side of the pond, saw him face down, floating in the center of the fish pond, “I thought he was gone”, then, called Ou’s uncle out for help.

After the child was pulled out, the mother performed CPR, but, he didn’t respond, she thought that he had died, and carried her son by the roof and started wailing.

Not long afterwards, the fire department volunteer came, found the boy to NOT have a pulse, took over in trying to save him.  “His mother and I were both crying, thinking that this child has a bright future up ahead and that god shouldn’t just take him away.”, the four minute ride, the firefighter didn’t relax, kept trying to resuscitate the child.

The hospital stated that the boy showed NO sign of life by the time they brought him in, but, he started breathing again after emergency rescue, and was transferred to the I.C.U., has a level two comatose, and is unstable.

The firefighter said, that there had been multiple children who fell into the fish pond, that even his youngest son when he was there from before fell in too, but, thankfully the grandmother held on to the child’s hair, and the reason why the fish pond wasn’t drained dry was because there was still fish living there.

Jiang said that the boy’s mother was a janitor, half a month ago, she took her son to live with him temporarily, he told the children NOT to go close to the fish pond, “but, no matter how I told them that it was dangerous, they just wouldn’t listen”, after this, he planned to shut down his fish pond.  The hospital understood, that saving the boy’s life is the first thing they needed to do, as for whether or not negligence had occurred, that’ll come later.

So, what do YOU think?  Leaving a kid who doesn’t KNOW any better in an environment that’s proven to be dangerous, does THIS constitute as NEGLECT?  Uh, I dunno.  You have GOT to be SHITTING me here!!!


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