Claiming to be an Ex-C.I.A. Director, Scammed for $40,000 U.S.D., and the Woman Was Sued for Fraud

First of all, I gotta say: pardon the “French”, but, are you FUCKING kidding me, translated…

A woman with a physics doctorate, Liu, met a man who claimed to be the director of the C.I.A., David Pedros, the man told her he was going to hire a army pilot to come to Taiwan to marry her, asked her to wire-transfer $40,000, he also mailed her seven forged traveler’s checks, said that she could use it for the expenses on the wedding, causing her to get sued.

Liu was accused of forgery of bonds, when the Taipei District Court was in session, she stated that she’d used Skype video cam, to make sure that the documents were authentic, that she had one hundred reasons to believe that “David” was indeed, in charge of the C.I.A., that, was why she’d agreed to marrying him, that was also why she’d rushed to the banks, to get her traveler’s checks.  The D.A. believed that she had fallen prey to his scams because of love, they chose NOT to persecute her further.

Liu has a physic’s doctorate from Florida State University, had worked as an engineer for a semiconductor company here, in the Scientific Park in Hsinchu.

Liu did NOT turn on her cell phone, the guards said that she’d left her home early in the morning.  She’d left on her Facebook on April 24th, that “Everybody come to me to U.S., and get a picture with Tea Rice (what she called “David””, seems like she trusted the man completely, and expecting to see her boyfriend.

Last May, Liu used Skype videocam, realized that there was a friendship invite from abroad, the other individual claimed to be “the sergeant who got rid of the terrorists in Afghanistan and Libya, name was David; that after he’d returned home from capturing Gadafi, he is to be named the chief of C.I.A., and that he’s planning a divorce with his wife, wanting to date Liu.

Liu said that she cross-checked his references, found an online video of David, attending the hearing, started to believe that this, was real.  One time she was driving with the radio on, she’d heard the Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton said, “keep it covered, don’t go public”, believed that it was a sign for her, so, she decided to see him.

After David had proposed to her, she wire-transferred forty-thousand dollars to the States to help David with the wedding plans; David told her he wanted to hire an army jet to come to Taiwan to pick her up, and, because it wouldn’t be cheap, he wanted her to help exchange the money to the money to take over Libya, to use it as an expense.

Liu received a total of thirty-seven, each with five hundred Euros worth of traveler’s checks, went to the bank to cash it, only to be told that it was fake, and, she not only didn’t get picked up by the army jet, she also landed in jail.  After the whole thing blew open, Liu even showed the wedding ring that David had mailed her, proving, that “My love is real!”

How desperate can a woman get?  Are you freakin’ kidding me, I mean, at least, don’t be that desperate, to jump at every single man, who CLAIMED to be well-educated AND available, because you don’t know if they actually are?  And, on top of that, this woman lost a TON of money on this scam artist, and, this woman has a doctorate too, but, apparently, she’d let love go to her head in this…

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