A Free Lunch? A Cab Driver Got “Drained” for $130,000 N.T.s

There is NO FREE LUNCH, and, IF something seemed too good to be true, then, it PROBABLY IS, translated…

A sixty-year-old taxi driver, Wu, had a young woman as his guest, the woman showed that she was interested in him, and asked for his information, saying that she wanted to “befriend” with him; Wu thought that it was a gift dropped from the skies, without knowing that the woman does this for a living, draining men dry/

Wu had lent the woman money twelve times, each time, it cost him more than ten thousand dollars, and, it is ALL from his hard work, driving his cab; Wu said that because the woman told him she’s going to take him home to meet her mother, he believed that their relationship is going somewhere, that was why he kept giving her his money.

Last September Wu had a young female customer in the Chung-Shan District, the woman claimed herself to be Pei-Chih Chen, worked in a bar lounge, and is a very HOT publicist.  They chatted it off, exchanged phone numbers, a month later, the woman called Wu up, Wu mistakenly thought that she is actually into him, they became more and more intimate in their conversations.

A few days later, the woman called, with a sadness in her tone of voice, saying that because she didn’t attend the activities from the bar, that she needed to pay forty thousand dollars; Wu automatically handed the ten thousand dollars CASH he had on him.  Then, every two weeks thereafter, the woman would call him up, to ask for a “loaner”, with a wide variety of reasons; the woman would sometimes ask her other “sisters” to pick up the money for her.

Last month on the 20th, the woman, once again, asked a “sister”, nicknamed “Milk Tea”, to go to Nanking W. Road, to ask for a ten thousand dollar loan from him; Wu felt funny, he asked a friend, and he learned that he had been drained dry by the scams of the woman, he called the cops immediately.

And, how much did it cost, for this LOSER to learn HIS lessons?  And, HAD he learned his lessons?  I mean, really, who’s to say that the next whore that flashed herself in front of him and asked him for a loan or some other SORT of a favor, he’s going to say “no”?

The SEX APPEAL, still WORKS wonders on LOSERS with a DICK here, and, that is still NOWHERE N-E-A-R changing, in the next MILLENNIUM.

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