A Toddler Sues Her Father, the Mother Claimed that She Did It

Who’s covering UP for whom?  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A little girl, Chu was found beaten up and bruised with scars all over her body, she called the cops, and said in a babyish voice, “daddy, uncle beat me”, her mother, Deng, claimed that “I had hit my daughter” yesterday in public.  The cops thought that there

might be something more, and they did NOT rule out the possibilities that the mother might be covering for her boyfriend, they took Deng into custody, then, asked for her boyfriend to go to the police station to get his statements.

On the fourteenth, the four-year-old wandered into the police station all on her own in the evening, claimed that “daddy and uncle hit me”, the cops discovered that there were bruises and scars on the child’s abdomen, back, and arms and legs, there were a total of over TEN different old and new wounds on her, and, there had been several places on her body with what appeared to be cigarette burns too, so, the police officers phoned the social services department of the local government for an emergency placement.

The social worker said, upon seeing how beaten up the girl was, “Who beat the child of this age so badly?”, the little girl told that it was her father and her “uncle”, because “I misbehaved”.  The girl also said, “Uncle said he didn’t want me anymore, told me to go in (to the police station)”.

The mother, Deng (age 24) yesterday came out to make a statement, claimed that she was the one who beat her child up, that this March, she got divorced with the child’s father, and afterwards, he totally failed to show any care or concerns, but, she didn’t know how to raise a child, so, she took a cab to the police station, and told the child to go in and tell the cops that she was “looking for her father”.

Deng told the cops, that she worked as a waitress in Taipei, and brings in only $40,000 to $50,000 per month, and, she’s staying with her boyfriend in Linko, where he has a rented place.  The child was normally under the care of a sitter, that she’d only take her home on weekends, and on the tenth she’d brought her home, she wouldn’t listen to her, so, she’d beaten her twice with a glue stick.

The cops said, that children don’t lie, and that there are new and old wounds of strips on the girl, and, a lot of scars that seemed like cigarette burns, and there was also a round-shaped bruise on her knee, the cops suspected that the child had often been punished by kneeling, and not only like the mother, Deng had claimed “only twice”; they will talk to the mother and her boyfriend, along with the ex-husband, and the nanny, to clarify, what, exactly had happened.

So, you have to wonder, W-H-O is the mother trying to protect?  And, to think that a child that young is stepping out, and telling the police that she wants to SUE her own daddy, that, is really hard to imagine, but, it DID happen, and this is still NOT a third-world nation that I’m currently staying at either…


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