The One Who Found His Body

His toddler, was the one who found his body, she’d found him, face down on the bed, she nudged him, and said, “daddy, wake”.  He didn’t move, the toddler pulled and tugged him some more, still, NO response.  Then, his wife came into the room, she saw that he was dead, she quickly pushed their three-year-old baby girl outside, closing the door behind her.

The one who found his body, there’s NO doubt, that anybody who’s seen him like that would be shocked.  His face, all black, like he’d died of some strong kind of poison, his eyes, wide open, like they were STARING someone down, it was a horrible sight.

The one who found his body, she quickly buried him, and told him to NOT come back and haunt them again, but she knows that he would always be close by, be around them, in their daily routines, there was NO way of getting RID of the ghost of her dead husband, that, is for sure.

The one who found his body, did NOT call the cops immediately, because she did NOT want to incriminate herself, being his wife and all, and, he was an abusive man, with a HOT temper when he was still alive, would beat her and the kids up regularly, and now that he’s dead, the outside world will surely believe that she’d done it, even IF she didn’t.

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