Discrimination on These School Yards…


The campuses are filled with discriminations, thirty percent of homosexual individuals once thought about suicide.

A twenty-one year-old male was laughed upon by his schoolmates as being “sissy”, he’d gotten his things broken, stolen, and the boys would even gather up as he went to the bathroom, and pour a strong acid toward him when he was using the toilet. He had mutilated himself over ten times, and now, he had finally gotten strong, but he still wanted to ask, “if there are courses, teaching others to accept people like me, wouldn’t I fare better?”

The department of education is about to report to the legislative department on the goals of teaching gender equality, the league to make Taiwan more friendly had published the result of a survey for the amount of pressures that homosexuals faced in Taiwan, among those surveyed, fifty-eight percent had been hurt because of their sexual orientation, and, 59% of the incidences occurred when those individuals were in middle school, 43% had happened in their

high school years, and 36% in elementary school.  And, among those who were interviewed, 29% had contemplated suicide because of the discriminations they’d received from the outside world, among these, 18% had attempted suicide, and, 58% of the self-mutilation occurred in one’s middle school years, 53% in high school, and 15% during the elementary school years.

Because of HOW unaccepting the world is toward those with a DIFFERENT sexual orientation than we are, we keep looking D-O-W-N on those who are different, without knowing that IF we were in their shoes, we would’ve probably feel LEFT out and SINGLED out and ALONE and S-A-D just as they do right now, but, we don’t have that problem, so, we CANNOT know H-O-W those people feel.


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