Tripping the Student as a Warning, the Instructor Got Reprimanded

The WRONG KINDS of D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E-S, translated…

A parent accused of an elementary school instructor, Lee in an elementary in Hsinbei City, that she had disciplined the children by tripping them with her feet, to straighten up their bad behaviors, there were ten “victims” who were students from the class who were subjected to this sort of “warning”, Lee also forced the students to sign a statement, claiming that she never physically disciplined them, the school board met yesterday, decided to give the instructor a warning, but the parents believed that this wasn’t severe enough, so they went to the representative of the district, to ask the instructor to be transferred out of the school, or, they’d lead a group down to the department of education to march, to “voice” their dissatisfactions.

The stand-in principal, Chen from the school pointed out, that the school had contacted the instructor, Lee, for her to appear before board members to plead her case, but, Lee replied via text message that she’d fallen ill, and couldn’t appear, then, turned off her cell phone.  But, before, Lee had explained her behaviors as she was picking up her phone, that she’d accidentally tripped the student, that it wasn’t physical punishment at all.

Yuan, the woman responsible for the parents’ association at the school pointed out, that she’d gotten complaints from other parents, pointing out that as their children attended the first class in the third grade from September, 2010, the instructor would use an assortment of reasons to punish the students physically.

The woman responsible for the parents’ association stated that when the students who’s done something wrong were made to stand UP in the back of the class, the instructor would attempt to trip the students with her legs from behind them, causing the children to fall and get hurt.  Another way of punishment was the students would do push-ups, Lee would grab the legs of the students who were punished this way from the back, and, without a warning, she’d let go of their legs, there were girls who had fallen flat on their faces because the instructor had used too much force when dropping the legs of the students downward.

The victims of the parents, after voicing their complaints to the principal, the school waited until January of this year, to get her off the teaching roster.  The city councilman, Jing, stated that Lee might be worried that the parents would sue, that was why this year in March, when she’d handed the students a survey, she’d asked the now-fourth-graders who were in the class to sign the statements, “proving” that she never used corporal punishments.

Upon being told, the parents got angry, believed that the instructor used her power to pressure the students to act her way, although the school had voted on giving Lee a bad marking, but the parents insisted that she shouldn’t be allowed to be near their students.

So, here is another case of “He-say, She-say”, but, because one “party” were the students, so, the parents automatically believed that their offspring shouldn’t have been “punished” like so, which is also right, but, based off of the articles, the instructor is NOT a good teacher, because she would punish the children for NO apparent reasons at all, and, to keep her on “staff” at the school?  Of course the parents are going to be P-I-S-S-E-D!!!

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