A-Year-Old Drowns in the Tub

Another “case” of a NEGLIGENT caretaker, or, simply, a caretaker who has TOO much on her H-A-N-D-S, translated…

Two nights ago, there was the incidence of a male infant, drowning, the child was ten days away from his first birthday too, because the mother went out of the bathroom to comfort her older son who had tripped and fell, and, when she’d turned around, the baby boy was lying, head down in the tub with water still in it, after being taken to the hospital, he couldn’t be revived again, and the family is now, in mourning.

The pediatric department head at the hospital said that infant drowning when being bathed is very rare, because when parents bathed their young, they should use bassinets, instead of the bathtub, to prevent accidental slips; in the process of the bath, the parents should NOT leave the child alone, otherwise, accidents WILL happen.

Based off of police investigations, the boy is to turn one on the twentieth of this month, he has a three-year-old older brother, before the mother goes off to work at three in the afternoon each day, she’d hand them off to her mother to take care, and, she’d pick them up at seven at night.

When the mother of the woman took the boys home at around eight o’clock two nights ago, she was bathing the children eat the same time.  After they’re finished, she’d told the eldest son to head to his room, but, the eldest son tripped and fell, and was crying, she ran to calm the boy down, and accompanied him into the living room.

The mother claimed that the youngest was sitting in the tub, and she thought that she was only away for just a little while, and she’d already unplugged the cork to let the water recede that it shouldn’t prove to be problematic; unknowingly, when she’d returned to the bathroom, the youngest was already faced down, lying still, in the tub, where the water wasn’t completely let out.

Because the youngest was already unconscious, the mother had asked the security guard to call the ambulance, before the ambulance arrived, the mother did mouth-to-mouth for the child, and the child had barfed up the milk that was fed to him less than an hour ago.

The fire department, upon receiving the call, rushed the male infant to the hospital for emergency rescue, but, before they were able to arrive, the child had already stopped breathing, after one hour of trying to revitalize him, he was pronounced dead.

The father of the child heard the news, and rushed to the hospital, kept calling out his name with his wife, wanting him to “wake up again”.  The infant’s maternal grandparents also rushed over, and, NOBODY was able to accept that the child had died at such a young age.

The police station had the child autopsied, to make sure that it was, indeed, an accident drowning, and it was.

The social service department of the Keelung city government had looked into the matter, and decided that the parents hadn’t broken any rules regarding “the rights of youths and children”.

What do you call this?  Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s still NEGLIGENCE.  Are you fucking (oopsy!!!) kidding me?  You do NOT leave children of A-N-Y age in the tub, ALL by her/himself, NO matter how long you think you’d be gone, because accidents WILL happen, and so, this little baby is yet again, S-A-C-R-I-F-I-C-E-D, but, even IF this story is in print, guess how long will it take, for the next similar case to come along?  Shorter than you’d think, because people N-E-V-E-R learn!!!


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