When Assault Became a “Joke”

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LOUISVILLE, Ky.–Two Catholic school athletes who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 16-year-old told police they did it because they thought it would be “funny,” according to court records released under a Jefferson County judge’s order.

Savannah Dietrich had been frustrated by what she felt was a lenient plea bargain for the two teens who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting her in August 2011, so she tweeted their names and criticized the justice system.

Both teens, who were 16 at the time of the assault, said in interviews with a Louisville Metro Police detective before their guilty pleas that they also took explicit pictures of Savannah Dietrich with their cell phones while she was intoxicated.

The February police interviews are among hundreds of pages of documents released under Chief District Court Judge Angela McCormick Bisig’s ruling this week that they should be open to the public.

In another ruling Friday, Bisig said Dietrich does not have legal standing to remove the county attorney’s office from the case though she can raise concerns about the plea agreement her assailants received.

After Dietrich initially complained about the plea deal the two teens received, Paul Richwalsky, chief prosecutor in the juvenile court division of the county attorney’s office, told her “get over it and see a therapist. … The jail was for ‘real’ rapists, murderers and robbers,” according to an affidavit released Thursday.

The teen boys pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree sexual abuse, a felony, and misdemeanor voyeurism as part of the plea agreement. They are required to do 50 hours of volunteer work and the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice will determine the level of supervision and treatment needed. The conviction could be set aside and erased when the teens turn 19½ if they complete a diversion program.

The teens told Detective Chris Horn in separate interviews that they were drinking with Dietrich and a few other people at her home in August 2011 when they were left alone with the heavily intoxicated Dietrich.

They said they lifted her shirt, pulled down her pants and penetrated her vagina with their fingers because, according to one of the teens, “we thought it would be funny, but it wasn’t.”

They said they took two or three pictures each, put Dietrich’s clothes back on and carried her upstairs to her room. Numerous other teenagers told police that the teens showed them the pictures, according to police reports.

Dietrich later learned of the teens’ plea deal, which she considered too lenient, then tweeted their names and complained about the court’s treatment of her. The lawyer for the accused at first sought to have her held in contempt for exposing what was, at the time, a confidential juvenile court proceeding.

The older of the two teens told police in his interview that he molested Dietrich because “she was fine with it.”

“How do you know she was fine?” police asked him.

“I mean she could have definitely been like, ‘Stop, don’t do this’ and we would have stopped, but she didn’t,” the boy responded, adding that she was conscious but “very drunk” and had “low eyelids.”

Before they were charged, the teens pleaded with Dietrich in several text messages not to go to court over what happened, according to copies of the texts released in the files.

This, is when sexual assault became a huge J-O-K-E, because OMG, we were kinda DRUNK, therefore, we’d lost OUR inhibitions, so, we couldn’t BE held accountable for RAPING someone.  And, I believe (b/c it’s still MY website you’re coming to) that if those boys could get away with their claims, then, a LOT of future offenders are going to take N-O-T-E, and, use that EXACT same excuse of: I dunno that raping someone is wrong, I didn’t know that she hurt, had she told me that I was hurting her, I would’ve STOPPED when she’d asked me to, and, the world will become MORE dangerous than E-V-E-R, because any of us females, risk getting JUMPED from behind during the BROAD day light too!!!

Are you kidding me???  And, the attitude of the court officials, well, that was WORSE, how can she just get OVER it?  And, those boys were REAL rapist, and that, just shows you HOW not seriously the ADULTS in the world are taking the matter of SEXAUL assault, but, think about this: what if it had happened to your own?  Wouldn’t you want the BOYS who did it to your daughters to HANG until they D-I-E-D, I would imagine so…I know, I WOULD.

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