The Price For Saving Someone’s Life: $2,600U.S.D.

This, was what the courts said the lifeguard at the beach had to pay, for leaving HIS specified area, to rescue a 17-year-old who was drowning.

The $2,600 comes from the ambulance ride for the 17-year-old to the hospital, his hospitalization, the 15-mile ride on the ambulance for both the lifeguard and the 17-year-old comes to $1,907, the fees that the emergency room charged cost $449, the doctor’s bill was $227, which totaled to $2,600.

And, this man, out of HIS own good heart, saving the 17-year-old from dying in the tides, and this, was he was CHARGED, where the HECK is the justice in that?  He should get a medal of honor or something for saving the guy’s life, but, instead, he was blamed for leaving HIS section, and was charged ALL the fees for the youth’s hospitalizations, but, thankfully, he didn’t have to pay for it himself, there were still good Samaritans who helped raised the money for him, so, there is still a small SPECK of hope in this BAD world that we live in.

And now, this would be an example, for those of you who wanted to help out, because you not only probably won’t get a thank you, or a raise even, you’d get SUED and FINED, and that, is how cold the world’s gotten these days, despite it’s still the S-U-M-M-E-R season.


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