Teens Ask for a Smoke, and SHOT a Woman Who Replied, “Get a JOB” to Them

Wow, look at how EASILY they still C-R-A-C-K-E-D, from NBCNEWS.com…

Three teens charged in the fatal shooting of a western Pennsylvania woman had targeted her, police say, after she told them to “get a job” when they tried to bum a cigarette from her boyfriend.

Beaver Falls police have charged two 14-year-olds and one 13-year-old with criminal homicide and other charges in Saturday’s shooting of Kayla Peterson, 22. She was shot at about 3:30 p.m. that day and died at a Pittsburgh hospital two hours later.

The attorney of one of the teens said he was just “in the wrong place at the wrong time.” That teen was identified as the gunman by police and Peterson’s boyfriend.

Beaver Falls Police Chief Charles Jones says officers are still searching for the other two teen suspects.

And, you still HAVE to wonder, WHAT, the HELL is W-R-O-N-G with YOUTH these days???  And, some of you might say that that woman who got SHOT asked for it, after all, she should’ve HAD the sense of how easily these “strawberries” get CRUSHED, after all, she did PUT a “damper” on their E-G-O-S, didn’t she?  But, SHOOTING someone when s/he won’t let you “bum” a cigarette, that, would be considered OVERKILL for me here.


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