Taking a Child to Sell

Call this Early Exposure if you want to, translated…

A man named Huang who’s not yet twenty-years-old got married with a girl named Chen, and they had a baby, within six months of the child’s birth, Huang was taken into custody for rape, and because the mother didn’t have any income, so, she sold, and, she’d taken in”customers “with the young girl around. The child because of the mother’s negligence had a concussion, the D.A. at Taoyuan stripped the parents of their parental rights to the child, and, the child was turned over to the local government in Taoyuan.

The social services pointed out, that the infant girl was a year and eight months old, is now in foster care, because she had head injuries, she might be affected in her cognitive abilities and growth, the child’s guardian, based off of the law was the governor of the district.

The D.A. found out that Huang (19 years-old) and Chen (18-years-old) were in love, they got married, and not long after she had their child, Huang was on the run from the law for being accused of raping a high school girl, that he hadn’t made it home in over a year. Chen didn’t have any child-rearing experiences, she couldn’t even make a bottle, and, with no job, she was on assistance, provided for by her family, the child often starved, and had bruises without clear reasons.

Half a year after the girl was born, the mother didn’t have any money, so, she sold, she’d even taken her own child to “take in customers”, the child was hospitalized last March, the doctor diagnosed it as falling from some place high, and on top of that, there are unclear wounds on the child, the mother was suspected of not providing the correct care and abuse, the government quickly took the child out of the home, the young woman, Chen, claimed that the daughter had fallen off of her own infant bed.

Huang, the man, had never even visited his own daughter, and after the child was placed, Chen the young mother had gone off the radar too, the courts had tried to find the individuals by using police, but, to no avail, the young baby girl had now, become an orphan, and so, she was placed in foster home.

The county government pointed out, that after the child was born, the Huangs had not taken responsibilities for caring and raising, and Chen was suspected of abusing the child, so, the county government had filed to STOP parental rights for theseindividual, and the judge found that it was because of negligence on the parents’ parts, that the judge took away the pairs’ parental “claims” to the child.

Another pair of UNFIT parents, and, if the child could speak, she’d ask, “I f you didn’t want me, then, why did you have me?”, and, because there is suddenly NO income in the household, the young woman is FORCED to turn to prostitution, and, in that line of work, there’s NO childcare services like your regular 9 to 5 jobs might offered, and so, what is a H.S. dropout to do? Other than using what she got already, which is a B-O-D-Y?

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