Mom Forces Her 14-Year-Old Daughter to Have a Child Because She Wants Another Baby

Yes, unfortunately, this, is still that ASSORTMENT of N-U-T-S in the society, from, by: T. Connor…

A woman who had adopted three children but wanted a fourth hatched a “wicked” scheme, forcing her 14-year-old daughter to get pregnant with donor sperm, a British judge has ruled.

The teenager apparently miscarried her first pregnancy and inseminated herself six more times before she finally had a baby boy at age 17, the ruling said.

After hospital midwives became suspicious, the plot was uncovered, and the mother — described as an American divorcee living in Britain — is serving a five-year term for child cruelty.

The case dates to 2011 but was sealed and details were only released after the media challenged restrictions. The family members’ names were withheld by court order.

High Court Judge Peter Jackson’s ruling said the woman at the center of the case — who had undergone sterilization for health reasons, according to the Guardian newspaper — was blocked from adopting a fourth child.

This, is a PSYCHO mother who should NOT even BE allowed to have babies in the first place, and to think that the daughter had inseminated herself so many MORE times for the sake of her mother too?  If this is NOT yet, another Abusive/Enabling interaction, I don’t know WHAT is!!!  And to think that the woman only got FIVE years in prison, what IF she gets out, and forces YET, another child of hers to do this again?  How many years then, would they (the judges) give her???

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