Happening in One of the Most Prestigious Campuses in the United States…

Reported by A. Mach, for NBC News…

A student from Princeton had been charged with invasion of privacy after he was accused of taking illicit photos of another student, sleeping in the dorm.

Princeton Borough Police said that the 20-year-old student from Australia, Tuckwell, met a 19-year-old on a party on 9/16, they later went to the victim’s dorm where the victim had been sleeping.

Tuckwell allegedly took illicit photos while the victim was asleep, then, the victim woke up, found Tuckwell with his phone taking the photo.

The police found that the photographs weren’t spread out, but if the guy is charged, he faces three to five years in prison.

So, it still doesn’t matter the REPUTATION (b/c let’s face it, reputation IS totally WORTHLESS here!!!) of the schools, there ARE bad seeds everywhere, and, an invasion of someone’s privacy had occurred, and, the person will get RAPED, over, over, over and over again, IF the photographs got spread out, and, imagine how it would feel, if you were waking up, undressed, and someone’s taking a photo of you…and, “up to five years in prison” is still NOT a harsh enough punishment for the invasion of SOMEONE else’s privacy, is it?  Of course N-O-T!!!


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