Forced Abortions

INHUMANE, if you ask me, but WHO asked Y-O-U???

These are happening, in current day, in CHINA, because they have an one-offspring policy, and now, paying a fine simply won’t do.

The government officials forced a woman who’s had like three kids already to get an abortion.  The officials in China had changed the one-child policy over the years, and by one estimate, there are now, at least twenty-two ways that parents can qualify for exemptions, and yet, women are still being FORCED to have abortions.

Some of the towns’ governments’ websites even listed population control as one of their primary official goals.  And, the government officials would take bribes for women having babies, then, still make them abort in the end too.

And that, would be what’s happening, in ONE of the slowly DEVELOPED countries, because it’s already TOO over-populated, that’s why the government is controlling the birthrates, but, think about it, if the government has power over how many babies a woman has, then, wouldn’t that mean that the woman’s basic REPRODUCTIVE rights are violated?  And, in this day and age, atrocities such as this one is still occurring, believe it or not, choice is still Y-O-U-R-S!!!

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