Boy Dies After Parents Left in Car, to Attend Someone’s Funeral

And now, the parents will be burying their O-W-N, isn’t that ironic???  From

Tampa Bay-area authorities are investigating the death of a three-year-old boy forgotten in a car while his parents attended a funeral.

The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office says Kyrese Dwayne Anderson of Lehigh Acres was accidentally left in the car Saturday afternoon.

Authorities tell The Tampa Tribune that Kyrese’s parents had driven separately to drop off the boy and two other children at a babysitter’s house before the funeral in Palmetto.

The sheriff’s office says both parents went to the funeral thinking that all three children were with the babysitter. The boy was discovered inside one of their cars as they were leaving the funeral.

An autopsy will be performed Monday. No charges have been filed.

What, bet you didn’t ANTICIPATE it would take that LONG, for you to “mingle” your ways OUT of that funeral, and besides, “we’re only saying our final farewells to whoever it was that died, it couldn’t possibly take that long, so, it would be fine, for us to leave a young child inside the car, and we DID crack open the window for him.  Are you FUCKING kidding me?  Do you NOT know how hot the weather’s getting these days?  And so, your S-O-N was murdered, by your negligence, and you still don’t think that it was “just an accident”?  Give ME a break here!!!


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