A Five-Year-Old Brought a LOADED GUN to School

Is it for your show-and-tell, kid???  And you GUN fanatics are still standing FIRMLY behind your SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS?  What IF this happened at your child’s kindergarten class, huh?  Consider THAT, from NBCNEWS.com, written by E. Chucks…just like your normal M~F school day, isn’t it???

A Memphis, Tenn., kindergarten student is in police custody after he fired a handgun in his elementary school cafeteria Thursday morning.

The incident didn’t result in any injuries, and school is back in normal operation, school officials said.

The Westside Elementary School student, 5, brought the gun to school in his backpack Thursday morning, according to school officials at Westside and at the Shelby County schools superintendent’s office.

While waiting for the opening bell in the cafeteria, the gun accidentally discharged once inside the boy’s backpack at about 7:42 a.m. CT during breakfast and before school started at 8 a.m., school officials said.

“Staff immediately took possession of that backpack,” said Christian Ross, external communication analyst for Shelby County schools. “Our Shelby County school security team were contacted as well as local law enforcement. They’re handling the investigation. From what we’ve heard, there’s no evidence of harmful intent.”  It’s unclear where the boy, who was not identified, got the gun.  He will be disciplined “in accordance with the state’s zero tolerance policy” for weapons, according to a statement from school officials.

The school, located in north Memphis, serves students from kindergarten through fifth grade. WMCTV.com in Memphis reported some shaken-up parents were picking up their children from school.

No other details were released. Memphis police confirmed Thursday afternoon that the student was still detained and that the gun was a handgun, but didn’t give any other details about the weapon.

The incident comes just days after an Atlanta-area school shooting in which a man carrying nearly 500 rounds of ammunition opened fire in an elementary school’s front office before surrendering peacefully to police.

And this time, thankfully, NOBODY was injured, but, the next time???  I’m pretty sure that it won’t BE as lucky as it was this time round, and you parents out there are still keeping your GUNS within reaching distance of your children???  Are you P-S-Y-C-H-O???  And IF this kindergarten age child CAN get a hold of a G-U-N (it’s that easy, for a kid that young to get HIS hands inside that “cookie jar” there!!!), how easily do you think your crawling babies CAN get their hands on something SO dangerous?  Easier than this kindergarten kid can, and that still just shows you that IF you OWN a gun, for whatever purposes there may be, DO keep it locked up, in a password protected SAFE, otherwise, anybody (including those young one, running ‘round LOOSE inside the houses) can get her/his hands on it, and then, WHAM!!!  Something VERY bad happens, do you want that???  Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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One response to “A Five-Year-Old Brought a LOADED GUN to School

  1. Simply unacceptable.

    A simple safe could have prevented this.

    I wonder what that kid’s home life is like.

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