When a D.A. Encounters a Prostitute

Just because you worked on the side of the “law”, doesn’t mean that you can possibly resist the temptations, story from the Front Pages, translated…

The D.A., when investigating the case, saw that the female witness, a prostitute, is extremely good-looking, used the excuse of discussing the case to meet up with her, then, he took her to a hotel, and had consensual sex with her, the highest courts found the D.A. guilty of abusing his power to accept a bribe, sentenced him to seven years and a half’s jail time, and took his right to practice law away for five years after the jail sentence.

The judge believed that the female witness had sex with Wu, because she had NO choice, that it wasn’t for love, and Wu received pleasures in the psychological and physical senses, that it was considered an unrighteous kind of gains.

Other than the female witness case, Wu was also prosecuted for when he was working an accidental death case, he had forced the female witness to go out with him, and, on two other cases, he did similar deeds to force the female defendants and witnesses to comply. The judge believed that going out together counts as normal social activity, that the forced sexual acts are in the realms of sexual harassments, but back then, there was NO laws to such, and the individuals never mentioned of suing the D.A., so, Wu was set free.

The woman did NOT want to have sexual intercourse, but because the man was the D.A., she feared that he might tell her family about what she was doing, agreed to have sex with him if he doesn’t tell her families. Wu took the female witness to a hotel in Kaohsiung, took a bath with her, and had sex with her, but because Wu didn’t show her any respect, threw the sanitary items at her, the female decided to report him to the investigative bureau.

Knowing the law, yet, breaking it? Are you kidding me? Where’s the V-I-R-T-U-E in that? I mean, who “stated” that because the witness or the defendant or the plaintiff is a whore by occupation, you are ALLOWED to FUCK her? It’s just like that Duke University (I think it was???) case where the ball players had sex with a striptease, because that, was her profession, because she dances N-U-D-E for men, therefore, she deserved to be raped? Is that right?

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