Seventy-Nine Teenage Prostitutes Taken Off the Streets

They ARE getting younger and younger, aren’t they???

From, reported by: Jeff Black…

A three-day sweep by police agencies across the country has led to the removal of 79 teenagers from a life of prostitution and the arrest of over a hundred pimps, as reported by the FBI.

The teenagers, 77 girls and two boys from 13 to 17 years of age are in police custody, until they can be turned over to the Child Protective Services.

The police said that a mother had forced her own daughter into

prostitution.  The youngest victim ever recovered through the Innocence Lost Program was only nine-years-old.

And, although they’d managed to rescues the MAJORITY of those teenagers who were acting as prostitutes, what about the rest of the 21%?  That’s still too high a percentage, don’t you think?  Because out of 100 runaway children, twenty-one of them are still L-O-S-T here, and, it IS unacceptable, the statistics, but, hey, the cops are already doing ALL that they can, and so, let’s give them their well-deserved K-U-D-O-S, shall we???

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