Murdered by Bullies, How the “Online Community” Can Exacerbate to the Situation that Caused a Boy to Commit Suicide

“Murdered” by B-U-L-L-I-E-S, indirectly, of course, found on

The family of a 12-year-old says the boy had been teased about his father’s death before the child killed himself. WNBC-TV’s Roseanne Colletti reports.

In the BIG APPLE, a 12-year-old boy harassed by school bullies about his intelligence, his height and his deceased father killed himself in the New York City apartment he shared with his mother, according to relatives and those who knew him.  Joel Morales, of East Harlem, moved to a different school after enduring incessant taunting for months, but the bullying persisted, the fifth-grader’s family said.

Kids chased Morales, threw sticks and pipes at him and teased him for his smarts and his 4-foot-9 stature, his family said.

Morales’ anguish reached a breaking point when bullies taunted him about his father, who died when he was four years old, according to relatives.

His mother, Lisbeth Babilonia, found him hanging in their apartment at about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, hours after she had organized a search party when he didn’t return home on time from an after-school club.

An occupational therapist who worked with Morales at one of the schools because of his diminutive size told NBC 4 New York the boy only reluctantly talked about his problems.

“It was very difficult, especially with a child like Joel who wants so badly to please everyone, to see that he was really in pain, that he was struggling,” said Maria Ubiles.

Arlene Gago, a youth minister from a church group, said she spoke with Morales regularly at the Jefferson Houses where he lived but never knew of his distress.

“I always asked him, ‘How you doing? How’s school?'” she said. “We talked but he’d never tell me what was going on.”

A classmate told Morales’ family that the boy had said he was tired of the bullying and told them the details of the remark about his father that sent him over the edge.

And, this article got 82,000 KUDOS from those who “visited” the NEWS SITE, believe it or don’t, are you FUCKING (oopsy, my B-A-D, and NO, that still won’t be the VERY LAST time I EVER use that sort of a FOUL language either!!!) kidding me?  And, sure enough, there WERE people who cared about this young lad, but, not enough, because hey, guess what, as teenagers, we have a TENDENCY to NOT tell our parents what’s going on with us, (hello, hello, hello, remember those RAGIN’ HORMONES, and the DEFIANCES???).  This just shows Y-O-U how CRUEL your kids’ cohort (look THAT word UP if you don’t know what IT means, I do, so that would be W-H-Y I’m using it!!!) can be, and, when they find a small hint of you being different, they’re gonna T-A-U-N-T you, make you feel like you need a HOLE in the ground to bury yourselves into, and, if that’s not hard enough for your offspring, they still have to get STUCK between the two of you, STUPID adults who are currently SLAVING your lives away, simply to P-R-O-V-I-D-E for them, and wow, they never even mumbled a simple “thank you, mom or dad”?  What a BUNCH of ingrates!!!

And, just because someone is smaller (in physical size) than Y-O-U, that still does NOT give you the right to push and shove them, “children”, because who’s to know IF when they’re older and have kids of their own, their own offspring won’t PUSH and SHOVE your offspring, because everything still goes around, and around, AND around like those Wheels on the B-U-S???  And, what GOES around WILL come BACK around to Y-O-U, and, regret will HIT you so FUCKING hard that you won’t have the time to PREPARE yourselves for what comes N-E-X-T.

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