Mother was Only Away for Ten Minutes, and a Ten-Month Old Baby Drowns

Are you kidding me, after ALL the stories on the N-E-W-S, and you still don’t learn?  Translated…

A twenty-two-year-old young mother, after finishing up bathing her son, left water about ten centimeters, so his son could keep playing in the water.  She went into the bedroom, to do some chores, unknowingly that her two-year-old daughter was playing with her brother, accidentally turned on the faucet, causing the child to drown.

After the accident, Kao was broken-hearted, she claimed that she was cleaning up the bedroom, ten minutes later she heard her daughter scream, she rushed to the bathroom, saw that her son had went “belly up” and wasn’t breathing, she called the ambulance.

The woman blamed herself “I didn’t pay attention to the older sister playing with the faucet.”, she said, she’d left about ten centimeter’s water in the tub for the children to bathe in, maybe that the older sister turned on the faucets, when she heard her daughter scream, the bathtub was filled with water, “it was too late”.

The hospital said, that when the boy was brought in, there was NO sign of life, after resuscitating him for one and a half hour, he still died; the woman was crying like crazy when the y couldn’t revive him.

The woman is currently eight months pregnant, she will be due in February next year, she’s taking care of two toddlers, she couldn’t free her hands.

The Nanny’s Network from the family center in Hua-Lien, Li-Yun Wang said that after the child’s finished bathing, s/he should be taken out of the bathroom, and placed in a safe environment, “there are too many factors of danger in the bathrooms, it is the most dangerous place in a house.”

Wang also said that in their professional nanny trainings, they’d point out how if the water temperature is too low, it might cause the child to get a cold, or if it’s too hot, then, it might caused them to get burned, slipping, and accidentally ingesting of cleaning agents, the professional training for nannies will stress, before the age of 3, a child should NOT be left alone in the bathroom, if playing in the tub, then, must prepare a floating device, like the doughnut.

Call this NEGLIGENCE, because you should N-E-V-E-R leave one young child in the care of another young child, that would be Y-O-U-R job, to look after your children, and, it only takes one minute for an accident to occur, and, it can’t be repaired.

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