Mother Abandoning Her Child for Her Boyfriend Got Sentenced to One Year in Prison

Because my boyfriend don’t like kids, or because he wants to have his own blood, that, is why I’d ABANDONED my own offspring, translated…

A little girl, Liu’s father and grandmother passed away some seven years ago, the uncle told the mother, Lin, of the child to come pick her up, Lin was afraid that her boyfriend might not be pleased, had denied her parental responsibilities toward her own flesh-and-blood to date; the highest court found tha that the 48-year-old female abandoned her daughter intentionally, sentenced her to one-year-prison term.

The child was abandoned at age 9, since the start of the case, it’s been seven years, the daughter is just turning 17, and is under the custody of the social welfare’s department locally,  because she’s exerted signs of depression, she’s been put on medication, and is without care, and she is mildly mentally handicapped as well.

The verdict noted, that after Lin gave birth to her daughter, she intentionally abandoned her, all the children had parents, except for this child, that there must be damages on the emotional front for her; and the mother had a bad attitude, with NO signs of remorse, the D.A. has asked for a harsh sentence, and she’d still abandoned her daughter to date, that her case wouldn’t fit the criteria for a lesser sentence that’s been rewritten in the constitution since 2007.

Lin gave birth to her daughter back in 1995, left home six months after the child was born, the child was left in the care of the father, Liu and his mother.  At age seven, the girl lost her father, and at age nine, the grandmother died, she’s without a caretaker.  Three months later, the uncle of the child sent a note to Lin, proving that the girl was hers, wanting her to take the child away.

Although Lin had called to inquire, “what’s this all about?”, but, after she understood the situation, she did NOTHING, and, never made an attempt to get her daughter back with her.  Lin told the D.A. and the judge that she’d been cohabiting with another man, that she was afraid he might find out she’d been married before, so, she kept the fact that she had a child covered up, and that, was why she never showed up.

Although Lin had once wire-transferred $6,000N.T.s to the younger brother of her ex-husband, but the courts ruled that Lin should’ve taken care of, and raised the helpless daughter, to maintain her life, and that the $6,000N.T. didn’t come close to covering the cost that the younger brother of the ex-husband had put up for her child, and that it wouldn’t excuse her responsibilities as a mother.

Wow, so you think that $6,000 MEASLY dollars are going to solve this whole thing?  Think again, how can you possibly place a price on the life of a child, oh wait, WELCOME to the AUCTION H-O-U-S-E, “run” by BEELZEBUB!!!

This, is just ANOTHER bad parenting behavior, because the mother is afraid that her current lover can’t tolerate the F-A-C-T (b/c it’s already BEEN “established” here) that she’s had a child with someone else, so, she ABANDONS her responsibilities as a mother, and so, guess where the kid will end up, still getting KICKED around from one relative to the next, and, she will grow up, and, we ALL know how that’s gonna turn out already, don’t we???

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