Middle School Teacher, Accused of Having Sex with a Student

Found on MSNBC.com

A thirty-two year old science and math teacher, Shaw, was charged with FIVE counts of child rape.  She is accused of performing oral sex and having sexual intercourse with a student for over a two-year period.

First time it had happened, the young man was in her eight grade class.  After that first time, the instructor went to the bank, withdrew $80 for the boy, as payment.

This did NOT get reported until this year, when the boy was in

church and heard a sermon of sexual abuse, then, he told his mother what had happened.

The instructor was hired by Tacoma District as a substitute back in 2002, and became a full-time teacher back in 2005.  According to the county prosecutor, the abuse started at the end of the boy’s sixth grade year, when he was re-taking an exam in her classroom, Shaw caught the student, gazing at her, and asked him if he was turned on.  The instructor then forced the student into the next room, to have sex with him, and told him not to tell anybody about it.

That July, the instructor drove the boy home, and, because his mother was away at work, she proceeded to have sex with him in his bedroom.  More encounters were reported, as the boy got older in his teenage years, after the boy came back to the school to visit his old classmates, after he’d transferred away.

The incidences happened when the boy was from 12 to 14 years of age.

Are you kidding me?  If you’re INTO your student, at least WAIT until he’s a REAL man, age 18 or 21???  Then, you can have SEX with him, if he wants to, but NOT before, and, this is still RAPE, and, just because the “child” doesn’t know any better, doesn’t give you the right to take advantage of him, and, you SHOULD BE the adult in this, but, are you?  I think N-O-T!!!

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