Life is NO Drama, the Son of a Namely Doctor Steals Food from a Conveniece Store

Does an overseas degree mean anything?  I wouldn’t think so, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man named Hong, who was sent to the U.S. to study since he was in the elementary years, had wanted to become a movie director, last year, when he’d become a junior in college, his father who was currently a doctor had cut him off, told him to stand up on his own, after Hong had returned to Taiwan, he’d been out of a job long-term, two days ago, because he hadn’t eaten for the whole day, he went to the convenience store to steal some food, got caught.

Hung’s (age 24) father is a well-known surgeon at a hospital in Yun-Ling, the family is rich, but the relationship between the parent and the child had gone sour.  When the cops called up the father to tell him that his son had been arrested for stealing, he replied, “We no longer care for him!”, said that the son had NOT been putting his heart into looking for work, that he’d been unemployed for a very long time, that he was disappointed toward his son.

The cops discovered, that two nights ago at around 11 o’clock, Hong was starving, he went to a super convenience store, took a rice ball, and hid it in his coat pocket, then, he took two eggs, and was caught by the employee on the second floor, watching the surveillance cameras, the employee ran out and stopped him from getting away.

The cops took Hong into the station, after inquiries, learned that he’d studied abroad.  Hong told the cops that after he finished his elementary school years, he was sent abroad with his older sister to study, he was studying at a university in Virginia in his third year in the drama department.  Last year, his family cut him off, and that was why he was forced to return to Taiwan.

After returning to Taiwan, he wanted to find a job, but, he’d been staying in the States long-term, he wasn’t fluent in Chinese, and he was studying drama, so, he’s without a viable skill, so, he couldn’t find a steady job, he could only work part-time at church, which wouldn’t even cover his own living costs.  The father still took care of his patients yesterday morning, he only said, “It’s family matter, and I’m not apt to say.”

Because Hong wasn’t fluent in Chinese, the press asked him why he’d dropped out of school, he couldn’t understand what they’re asking him, he stated that “my mother wouldn’t pay for my plane ticket!”  As for why his parents had cut him off, he said, with a foreign accent, “I don’t know!”

Hong wasn’t living with his parents, he stayed in the house that his parents bought for him, when he was caught, he had only enough change to buy the egg; he said, that his father would bring him food from time to time, but without giving him allowance, that when he was hungry and didn’t have any money, he’d eat bread, and a few days ago, he had not had any food intakes, he had “finally become too hungry to think straight!”

He dreamed of becoming a movie director, and yet, he couldn’t even pay for a one-dollar rice ball; the clerk at the store said that that was NOT the first time that Hong had come by to steal food, that the day previous, he’d taken away a bottle of coke.

This, is what a degree overseas gets you, NOWHERE, and because this “son” couldn’t support himself, because although he’s gotten a degree from abroad, NOBODY ever taught HIM to fend for himself.  So, all it worlds down is this: even IF the “child” has a HIGHER DEGREE from a namely university, if s/he doesn’t know HOW to handle her/his living, s/he is still WORTH NOTHING to the W-O-R-L-D, so, START teaching your kids to make a contribution, start MAKING them stand UP, and STOP hovering over them, because if you’d done that long-term, and all of a sudden you cut them off, they’re going to feel extremely ILL-PREPARED, and, they’d believe that it was your (the parents’???) fault, because you did NOT teach them to fend for themselves, because you think that the “duties” of education “rests” on the school instructors’ shoulders, are you FUCKING kidding me here???

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