An Infant that Could’ve Been Spared…

Another story that ended badly, translated…

A doctor who worked for the government Taoyuan hospital, Lee, yesterday after was driving his wife and daughter to his in-laws’, he fell asleep at the wheel, and hit a light pole, the child flew out from the seat, and died of severe head traumas, after the parents learned about the death of their child, they cried so hard at the

learned about the death of their child, they cried so hard at the hospital.

What’s more heartbroken was that the child was originally sitting in the safety seat in the back, but because she was getting fussy, the mother who’s sitting with her in the back took her into her arms to comfort her, but the mother didn’t put on her seatbelt, when the car crashed, the weight upon impact was calculated at more than 200kgs, similar to the impact you’d feel from falling off of a four-story building.

“I just closed my eyes for no more than a few seconds, and the accident occurred!” Stated Lee to the police, yesterday morning, he drove his wife and child, Emma to Taipei to a wedding banquet, planned to go visit with his in-laws at San-Xia, while he was driving on Shulin Huan He Road, he fell asleep at the wheel, the car steered right and hit a light pole, the car skidded and ended up in the middle of the road.

Lee, after getting out of the car, to check on his daughter and wife, found his wife to be unconscious, as for his daughter, she was dropped onto the plastic matting, and blood was coming out of her ears, he immediately called emergency for assistance from an ambulance. Lee told the cops, that he’s been having a cold in the past few days, that he wasn’t in his best physical conditions, that while he was driving, he wanted to fall asleep, that it was only a split second that he’d closed his eyes, and the accident happened. He took a breathalyzer test, and it showed NO signs of intoxication.

The cops found out, that Lee was wearing his seatbelt, so he only had minor injuries on his forehead, and his wife’s head hit the back of the driver’s seat, had a mild concussion, and was unconscious, as for the child, she had intracranial bleeding, and damages to her brain stem, after being hospitalized, she was pronounced dead.

Upon being told that his little girl had died, Lee held his wife and sobbed. The relatives said, that Emma was their firstborn child, born last March, and because the little girl had begun to learn to walk, the couple would put helmet on the child’s head, fearing that she might fall and hit her head at home, without knowing that her life would be taken because she was taken out of the safety seat.

This just shows you how IMPORTANT it is, to make sure that you’d taken ALL the safety measures when you’re traveling with your families, especially when there’s a young child involved, s/he must BE in a safety seat, it’s called a “safety seat” for a reason you know? Because it IS safer than when the mother holds on to the child? Especially in cases of accidents, upon impact, who’s to say, that the child won’t fly out of the parent’s arms?

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