A Father “Pushed” to Murdering His Own Child, then, Commits Suicide

Story in the FRONT PAGE section, translated…

The father owed some debts, couldn’t pay it, he strangled his daughter, then, dove off of a bridge, because the father, Chang didn’t have a steady source of income from driving his cab, he had a daughter who’s handicapped and mentally retarded, on the 19th, he was suspected of murdering his child, then, dove off of the bridge, the D.A. found, that the child was once a part of a documentary discussing her conditions, and now, her body had turned cold, into a corpse.

The D.A. found, that the father was a cab driver, married to his Chinese wife for more than 10 years, with a son and a daughter, the older girl is mildly retarded and has a genetic eating disorder where she just couldn’t control her own appetite, he also has a five-year-old son, who’s left in the care of his parents in Xindian.

Chang found that his wife had stolen all of his savings, claiming she has an investment in China, but instead, she’d given the money to her boyfriend in China, more than a year ago, they got divorced, he took sole custody of the children, and, he became depressed.

Later, he stopped driving his cab, his daughter had some adjustment difficulties in school, so he sold his cab, and bought a regular car, went to sell oil in Hualien with his daughter, the daughter was transferred to a special eds school locally, recently, because he couldn’t pay the rent; plus he had to take eight days off a month to care for his daughter, “what company would hire someone who has to take eight days off monthly?”, he wanted to start a business, he needed the funds, and in order NOT to get his families involved, he took his child.

The daughter was picked up from school on the 16th, because she was absent for three days, the school called Chang, he claimed that there was a road block on the freeways.  On the 19th, Chang was suspected of murdering his daughter first, then, at 4 o’clock the next morning, he dove off of the Bitan Bridge, and he wasn’t aiming for the water, but the concrete.

This family had refused the assistance of social workers…

The principal at the girl’s school said, “Chang would take his daughter home once every fifteen days, they were very close, I couldn’t believe that they’d died together.” the Xinbei City Social Services points out that if parents are having some difficulties, economically, emotional, they should seek help, instead of taking the children to die with them, sacrificing their offspring.

The Social Services pointed out, that Chang’s household hadn’t been “tagged” as a “high risk” family, on the 20th when he committed suicide, the social services sent social workers to his home, where the father didn’t want them to intervene; even when the social services department offered to give them funds, they’d said no, the social workers tried to communicate with the family, but, to no avail.

The principal at the special ed school stated that the girl was mildly retarded, and a live-in student, she’d transferred to their school last year, and she’s not even there for a year yet, and the school didn’t charge them for tuition.  Normally, the parents would pick their children up on weekends, then, send them back to school on Monday, but Chang said that he lived far away, so, he’d only picked her up once every two weeks.

The principal pointed out that the father and daughter was interacting “normally”, last week when he came to pick her up, the teachers didn’t detect anything; and when they heard about this incidence, they were all shocked.

The principal also said, that the father didn’t tell the school that he was having economic difficulties.

See, what parents ARE doing to their children?  I mean, even IF the child has some handicap, doesn’t s/he also have a right to life?  This is how selfish the father was, thinking that he’s sparing his child pain, and, he is probably right, but, there’s NO way to know that for sure, because the girl is dead.

Can this be prevented?  Sure, but, by the time people realized, it IS too late, because the child is D-E-A-D, and, the parent would probably BE charged with involuntary manslaughter or something else???  Who knows.

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