A Drug-Addicted Mother-to-Be

This, is how you’d have your F.A.S.’s, S.I.D.’s, along with those “crack babies” out there…

In Keelung, a twenty-six year old woman got pregnant because of sex solicitations, she had NO idea who the father is; six months in, she didn’t care about the fetus’s health, she’s involved in drug abuse and selling drugs. When she was picked up by the police, she said, that she knew that drugs would affect the development of the fetus, but, she’s already “hooked on “drugs, and she needed a high,

so, she couldn’t care that much anymore.

The police found in the residential area in Keelung small doses of amphetamine, along with two paraphernalia, and took the woman, along with her live-in boyfriend, his nephew back to the station.

The cops found that Lee a few years ago had gotten hooked on drugs, and often went online to find chances to hook, to earn money to pay for her “habit”, and, when she’d gotten the drugs, she’d separate the packages to resell it for a profit. In order to prevent herself from getting caught, she’d made sure that her buyers don’t have any priors, so the other individuals will get hooked and help transport the illegal substances for her.

Lee told the cops, that these past two years, she’d rented for short-term in large communities of Ba-Dou-Tze area, that she’d never stayed at a place for more than two months. That before she was pregnant, she had sold herself out for sex, and, because she sold herself for sex, she has NO idea of who the father of her offspring is.

Four months ago, she’d met then, fell in love with Lee at a Mahjong table, after found out she’d been taken in by the cops, he spoke on her behalf, said that when they first met, he knew about how she was selling and got pregnant, even that she had used and sold drugs, but, because he loved her, he was willing to accept everything about her.

And, the mother did finally admit to drug use and abuse, while the male had denied it, and, afterwards, they were all taken to the local precinct to be “booked”.

Are you kidding me?  You’re pregnant, and still using drugs to get high, do you N-O-T know how it will affect the fetus? Not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically as well, because those crack babies won’t have a chance to have a normal life, because they had a bad start in life, and that, is that.

Irresponsible parenting is what THIS is…

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