Killed For Being a Girl…Because the Father Wanted a Son

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“After my delivery my husband had come to see me and the baby. He said, ‘It is a girl, why did you give birth to a girl?'”

He wanted a boy, an heir.  Girls were too expensive, he said. A couple of days after giving birth, Banu says her husband gave an ultimatum.

“For her wedding we will require a hundred thousand rupees (about US$1,800 her, but if you can’t, then kill her,” Reshma recalled her husband as saying. dollars) for all the expense. If you can get that amount from your mother, then keep

She didn’t believe he meant it and was sure he would change his mind once he held his soft, bright-eyed baby girl.

Three months later, her baby is dead, and her husband under arrest accused of beating the baby to death. Police say he confessed to the killing.

This is by no means the first case of its kind in India. Attitudes, traditions, and economics have come together to make being a girl a dangerous prospect in the country, doctors say. Most of the time girls are disposed of long before they are born.

India has a growing gender gap: The 2011 census showed that for every 1,000 boys six years or younger there were only 914 girls. It is the lowest child sex ratio since India’s independence in 1947.

The United Nations has said India is the most dangerous place to be a girl. Dr. Anand Krishnan at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), who has studied the gender gap for years, agrees.

“Yes, largely this is from the point of view of mortality statistics for girls versus boys,” Krishnan told CNN.

Sex-selective abortions are against the law in India but are still happening at an alarming rate, he said.

His study shows a surprising trend: Sex selective abortions among the educated and well-off seem to be more prevalent than among the desperately poor and uneducated. Despite greater prosperity, their mindsets have not changed and they have the money to pay for ultrasounds and abortions.

“A boy is seen as a better investment. They prefer boys,” Krishnan said.

Girls are mostly aborted here. The people want more boys. There is a shortage of Chandravati girls
The explanation goes something like this: In traditional Indian families the men marry Girls, on the other hand, marry and leave the home without providing extra financial and bring their bride home to live and take care of his parents’ support.  Moreover, a girl’s family can go broke trying to pay a dowry to get her married.  Although outlawed in India, dowries are still common and take different forms throughout society.

Indian law also forbids doctors to tell a couple the sex of their child after an ultrasound, but many clinics break the law and do so anyway.

India has made an effort across the country to stop female infanticide.

Nonetheless, there were young boys everywhere and only a few young girls. Villagers only affirmed why there appeared to be an imbalance.

She had just come into the world. She was like a flower bud, and he killed her. I lost my daughter. What can be worse than this?
“Girls are mostly aborted here. The people want more boys. There is a shortage of girls,” Chandravati said without hesitation.

“So much money is required to get them married. Where will the money come from?” she said. “Everything is so expensive these days.”

But India is a country filled with in-your-face contradictions. When it comes to women and girls it is a place where the discarding of girls is juxtaposed with the fact that India has a female president and speaker of the House — and its most powerful politician is a woman, Sonia Gandhi.

Indira Gandhi, Sonia’s mother-in-law, became India’s first woman prime minister and one of the world’s first female heads of government.

In 2011 the latest census data showed the literacy rate for girls is growing faster than for boys.

Banu, whose husband is accused of killing their baby, and her parents say they always believed a baby — boy or girl — was a blessing.

Harmeet Shah Singh contributed to this report.

And so, the genders will continue to be IMBALANCED, because boys are STILL “valued” at a HIGHER “dollar amount” than we girls are, and, this IS happening in one of them THIRD-WORLD countries (feel FREE to SUE me for saying that…), and, the aforementioned baby girl had to die, because she was BORN, in the WRONG “skins”, because her daddy wanted a boy, and, her mama gave birth to her, a little girl, and, are you FUCKING kidding me here?  You losers ARE the ones with the GENETIC “marker” for deciding whether or N-O-T we have sons OR daughters, so, why don’t you just go and KILL yourselves, and stop blaming us for NOT being able to conceive a MALE H-E-I-R for you?  What are we in again?  Are we in the Middle Ages?  Or, are we about to ENTER into the DARK ages?  Or, are we in the TWENTY-FIRST, going toward the TWENTY-SECOND Century?  I dunno, you tell me!!!
That, just shows Y-O-U, as we approach the INFORMATION technology age, there are still so many backward thinking countries out there, and, eventually, they will ALL become outdated, just like that 486 from a VERY long time ago, and, we ALL know WHAT, had happened to those, don’t we???  Feel free to check out those L-A-N-D-F-I-L-L-S in your separate regions to find out more on what exactly happened to your 486’s…


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