The Wizard of Oz

Real human version, as directed by yours truly, yet again…

Characters: WICKED WITCHES of the WEST…his mother & my mother

Dorothy…Queen Tina

Tin Man…Queen Tina

Cowardly Lion…NOT Queen Tina

Brainless Scarecrow…NOT Queen Tina

Toto: Mr. M, Mr., K, along with the golden retriever +the Irish Setter that I will be getting…

The Wicked Witches of the West had set up so many booby traps to trap Dorothy,  Dorothy’s house got carried by the tornado from her home town, and it carried her house to a faraway land, where she met the Tin Man, who was in search of HIS heart, he had lost his heart, long time ago, someone stole it from him, Dorothy told the Tin Man that he is welcome to come along with her, to find the Good Witch, so they are well on their way, they met a scarecrow, without a brain, he was in search of HIS missing piece, like that second dumb-as-hell, loser, s.o.b. dude, something is lacking in his brain, he had a brain, but it wasn’t connected correctly, so he needs to get his circuits reconnected, so he followed Dorothy, Toto, and the Tin Man, they walked for long, and at night, they got into this dark, shadowy forest, got lost, they helped one another, and got out of the woods safely, then they met, yet, another very weird character, the cowardly lion, the lion was scared of Dorothy’s Toto, should’ve been the other way ‘round, so Dorothy invited the lion with no courage to come on the trip, and they walked, there was this huge ocean between them and the Castle of the Good Witch, and they tried to find ways to cross, but to no avail, the waves are too big, but Dorothy told the other three to make a steady little raft, and to wait awhile, until the weather cleared up, and eventually the sea became calm again, and they set out on their little raft that they had built, and when they got to the Castle of the Good Witch, Dorothy asked the other three, “would any of you like to knock???”, none of them was willing, so Dorothy did, and came a loud voice, that made the hair on Toto’s back stand… “WHO dare KNOCKS on the DOOR of the Castle of the GOOD WITCH???”

Dorothy then replied, “uh, this is Dorothy, I am from Kansas, I lived with my aunt and uncle, but a tornado carried my house to this place, and I am lost, and desperately homesick, can you please help me, I also got three other friends with me here…”

The Good Witch took them in, gave them what they had needed, and told Dorothy, “wake up, honey, it’s the morning, you fell asleep downstairs on the couch, dear…”.  Dorothy opened up her eyes, saw her aunt’s smiling face, and saw herself in her PJs, and told her aunt, “I had a really weird dream…”

Thus, end Dorothy’s journey to Self-discovery, she learned a lot from her three newly found “friends”, and even though, it was only a dream, she never forgot about how she met the Wizard of Oz…

The Wizard of Oz, I believe, is a book on the industrial revolution, the flying monkeys symbolized something, don’t really remember, you might have to go ask a U.S. history teacher.

Okay, kids, go to bed, story time’s over, get snuggly under that cover, and sleep tight, and sweet dreams

THIS, is the Wizard of Oz, as retold by the Queen of ALL whacked out fairytales, ME!!!

All the character hold hands and we all take a bow, and everybody still runs off stage to their separate families, and all is Quiet once more.

Man, I am good at this, am I not…


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