Princesses & Dragons

If a fairytale has a princess, then there is a dragon, take all those Disney cartoons of Sleeping Beauty, and the like.  These princesses’ hearts are guarded by dragons, just like mine.  The dragons in these stories symbolize the ladies’ putting their heart on ice, and when those prince charmings come to their rescues, they would slay those dragons, and thus, open their hearts to love.  Common concepts of fairytale dissected.

I think that those ladies are actually friends with the dragons, because the dragons protected their hearts from being broken, just like the booby traps I had set around my heart, to trap all you biologically XY losers, from coming over, and you cannot get inside my skin, but I can get inside yours and make you ill, because that is my superpower.

So, ladies, start feeding your dragons better food, because they will keep on protecting your hearts, but once in a blue moon, some idiot comes by and the dragon happen to be dreaming of its dragon babies, you are sure to feel the heat of L-O-V-E, but do NOT fall for anyone who seems super nice, those are the ones that you need to be extra careful about, because the better they look on the outside, the worse they are on the inside, that is how women are “tricked”, or so I would assume, but that still doesn’t make me an A-S-S-H-O-L-E, because, once again, I derive at this conclusion base off of my super-duper sound L-O-G-I-C.  Feed those losers who try to approach you to the DRAGONS, or better yet, tell the dragons that you keep to BURN them with their fire-breathing abilities, that will show ‘em what we’re made up of…and no, I still didn’t just get dumped either, okay, kids???

Princesses & dragons, more like Queens & helpers…

I am very good at this fairytale concept dissection, aren’t I???  Yes you are, my Queen…everybody gets a day off, so start blowing on those stupid birthday goodies that makes that sound…


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