Little Red Lost Her Red Cape

Little Red lost her red cape, and, Granny Red doesn’t recognize her without it.  Little Red lost her red cape when she was off on her own, getting lost in the woods.

Little Red’s cape was lost in the depth of the woods, the parts that are too dark for her to venture through it alone, but, she kept missing it, and she couldn’t sleep without it, because she had grown too attached to it.

Little Red lost her cape, she couldn’t recall when she last seen it OR if she’d ever taken it off at all.  All she knew, was that her cape went “missing” one morn when she woke.  Her cape wasn’t at its regular place, by the door, and Little Red thought hard, too hard that her hair started turning white, and, she just couldn’t remember where it was.  When she finally remembered, she went and found it, she left it in front of the hall’s mirror, and, what she saw in the image in the mirror shocked her, for her hair had turned completely W-H-I-T-E, and, she had become granny…

Little Red lost her red cape, along with the onset of her first menstruation (b/c that’s what the red cape symbolized in the story???), her secondary sex traits came in, and, she started receiving a T-O-N of attention from all the men, and, because she lacked a father-figure in her life, she enjoyed the attention of M-E-N, and, ended up losing her virginity to the biggest and worst wolf of them all, the Woodsman, who resembled the father she never had, who was actually an older “wolf”.

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