Friends Who Never Met

Believe it or don’t, that was, an impossibility from before, but now, thanks to this WONDERFUL (yeah right!!!) modern day invention called the I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T, this, is NO longer JUST a possibility, but a REALITY.

Friends who never met, so, how can the two be friends?  Because they’d shared a common interest, because they’d signed UP for the same newsletters online?  But, is that all, that modern day “friendships” entails?  And, what about the FACE-TO-FACE interactions?  Don’t they matter anymore?  Apparently N-O-T, because in this day and age, everybody’s busy, doing whatever one is doing (how the HELL should I know?) we no longer PUT ANY emphasis on face-to-face (physically, NOT through webcam!!!) interactions anymore, and so, this info technology age had “reproduced” a TON of “friends” who never met, at least, NOT face-to-face, like how you would call up an old friend, and invite her or him for a cup of coffee from time to time from before, everything IS happening online………

And, even PEN PALS would be better interactions from way, way, W-A-Y back don’t know when, compared to the THOUSANDS of F-A-N-S you have on your Facebook pages today, in my opinion, but hey, that’s just ME, so…

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